Your Guide to Buying an AC

Your Guide to Buying an AC

Air conditioners are a must in every Florida household because it’s impossible to survive the humidity without them. But it is just as important to know when to retire your AC and buy a new one.

When to retire your AC?

You should buy a new AC unit if:

  1. It is more than 15 years old
  2. It no longer provides sufficient cooling
  3. It makes unusual sounds or gives out odd smells
  4. You’ve called the technician more than two times in the last six months
  5. Your electricity bill has doubled (or more) in the past year.

If you’ve established any of the above problems in the unit, it is time to replace rather than repair. Follow these steps to select the right AC for your home!

Step 1: Type of AC

There are different air conditioners – central ACs, mini-split ACs, portable ACs, Hybrid/Smart ACs, etc. Depending on how often you use the unit, determine which kind will be perfect for your home. Your neighbor or your friend might be able to give you a recommendation, but remember that their homes are different than yours.

Step 2: Find out your space

A good quality unit will give even cooling in all rooms, but this depends hugely on the number of rooms you have. The more space you have, the bigger the unit you require. Find out how much space you have so that you can choose the right unit for your home.

Step 3: Decide a budget

Deciding on a budget is important when you choose an AC unit and remember that a good quality AC is not cheap. When you decide on a budget, keep the market price of ACs in mind. You can also find air conditioner compressors for sale if you contact the right salesman.

Step 4: Consult with a contractor

If you have a technician who regularly calls for HVAC problems, consult with them to find out the mini-split AC cost. They can also provide you with suggestions regarding the kind of unit you require.

Step 5: Read about SEER and energy-efficiency

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating is the energy-efficiency ratio of every air conditioner unit. Before going to a showroom to browse through models, read about SEER Ratings and energy-efficiency so that you won’t be confused when the salesman explains the details. This could also help you from making a mistake when choosing the right unit.

Step 6: Buying and Installation

If you’ve selected the right unit, then ask for guarantees during installation. Choose the best technician or contractor you can for installation because the proper installation can reduce your HVAC problems by as much as 40%.

How to choose the right contractor?

To choose the right contractor, make sure you ask for recommendations from trustworthy friends. Additionally, you can also ask the contractor to direct you to a client they have served before. If you’re a resident of Leesburg, FL, we recommend calling Suter AC! They’ve been providing HVAC services for almost 50 years and are trustworthy businesses that provide upfront pricing, free estimates, and same-day service!